Orange Square

The Orange Square is the true heart of the city and its old town, framed by white buildings and fountains. This square is 1 minute Hostal Paco Marbella.


It was one of the first Christian works carried out after the Reconquista, in fact its construction has opened a new stage in economic life and especially socio-cultural city: the change from Arab culture to Christian.


After the taking of Marbella (Marbiliya) by Ferdinand, the most important work of urbanization of the time is rushed to oxygenate a group of streets: the square, now known as de los Naranjos, called to be the urban hub of the city and the noble area of ​​social life. 


There is, in addition to the existing chapel of Santiago, City Hall, be located mesons, jail, Casa del Corregidor, and several large mansions.


First called Plaza Mayor, City Council then, Irrigation, Elizabeth II, of Liberty, of the Constitution of the Palms, of the republic, General Franco ... Orange Square owes its current name to the trees planted in 1941, replacing the existing palm trees, which had earlier replaced the primitive Buckeyes.

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