Cultural attractions in Marbella

Mulsumán Castle Marbella

In the historic city center and close to tourist accommodation Hostal Paco , is the only building that has been preserved in this city of culture mulsumana .


Marbella was one of the most important medinas of the " Rayya " ( Malaga province ) . The Muslim wall abracaba about an area of ​​90,000 square meters.

Still part of this building is preserved and you can walk along its narrow streets .


Dali sculptures outdoors in Marbella

In the central street of Avenida del Mar in Marbella , it is an exceptional permanent outdoor exhibition of sculptures of great world-renowned artist , Dalí.


A unique collection that is possible to see in the city of Marbella.


A legacy of authentic luxury for our city. An exhibition contemplated while walking by the sea

Archaeological Sites in Marbella

The fourth century, St. Peter's Basilica . An early Christian basilica of Vega del Mar. Rodeadea by a Visigoth necropolis with 180 tombs of different types , unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

Vaults or baths of Guadalmina

The second and third century , 500 meters from the Basilica above . A social meeting place and time for hygiene.

Villa Romana Green River

The first century, was built as a country estate to develop agricultural activities. A monument declared of cultural ineteres by the board of Andalusia and protected with the highest level within the Andalusian heritage.

Church of the Incarnation

In the heart of the old town of Marbella and very close to Hostal Paco , we find the Church of St. Mary of the Incarnation the Mayor of Marbella church built in 1505.

Located in one of the most beautiful and famous squares in Andalusia , Plaza de los Naranjos , in the historic center of Marbella


On the former parish it was built in 1712 and today it worked artists like Pedro del Castillo and Salvador Galvez, who in 1756 carved and finished the beautiful main facade of the church.

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