The nearest beaches Hostal Paco Marbella

Alicate beach - Playa de Alicate

Alicate beach is one of the most popular beaches of Marbella. Long sandy beaches and all the amenities you could wish . Alicate beach is a popular choice among residents and tourists.

Beautiful beach - Playa Hermosa

A couple of kilometers further east , right next to the exit of El Rosario , this beach truly lives up to its name: Playa Hermosa. A beautiful and less than 15 minutes from the center of Marbella.

Real de Zaragoza beach - Playa Real de Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza beach is simply a gem . Fine golden sand, clear waters and some fantastic bars , what more could you ask for?

Nikki Beach 

Nikki beach needs little introduction . Known worldwide for its prestige, its festivals and its peculiarity . Champagne, sunsets , beach parties ...

Cabopino Marbella beach - Playa de Cabopino Marbella

A place increasingly popular and most visited . Cabopino beach borders the characteristic Port of Cabopino and Artola dunes protected . You can not expect a better place to spend the day .

Fontanilla beach - Playa la Fontanilla Marbella

The most beautiful beaches in the center of Marbella. Fontilla beach is within walking distance of the center of Marbella and is a popular destination for those seeking sun lie .

Nagüeles beach - Playa Nagueles MarbellaN

Nothing more exclusive than the beach Nagüeles . Located in the Golden Mile of Marbella, Nagüeles Beach is a place you should not miss. Crystal clear waters , clean sandy beach and some of the most exclusive names in the Costa del sol ...

New Andalucia beach - Playa de Nueva Andalucia Marbella

Starting with the exclusive Puerto Banus and extending westward , are the beaches of Nueva Andalucia . It offers a very different feel from other beaches near Marbella. They are present in culaquier list of " best beaches " without a doubt .

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